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Transforming Fact into Strategy – Developing a Public Health Response to the Housing Needs of Persons Living With and At Risk of HIV/AIDS

    October 20 & 21, 2006  -   Baltimore, MD


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The National AIDS Housing Coalition convened the second National Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit on October 20th and 21st, 2006, in Baltimore, Maryland, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University.  Summit II brought together leading researchers, policy experts, service providers and consumers, to continue the dialogue begun at the first Research Summit regarding the relationship between housing status and HIV prevention and care. 


Representative Elijah Cummings of Baltimore, MD delivered the keynote address the first morning of the Summit.

A Summit participant listens to a panel discussion on housing's contribution to engagement and retention in AIDS care.


Summit II built on the momentum and results of the first Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit – providing a unique forum for continuing to gather and communicate and offering a first-of-its-kind opportunity for participants to transform research findings into concrete strategies for change.

Click here to read the entire Research Summit II Concept Paper.

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Summit II was conducted in partnership with the Department of Health, Behavior and Society of the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. David Holtgrave, Chair of the Department, was a convening researcher and the host of Summit I, held in June 2005 at Emory University.

The National Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit series provides an unprecedented venue for the presentation of research of significance to HIV/AIDS housing policy, coupled with dialogue about the public policy implications of research findings.  Summit II brought together approximately 150 participants – equal numbers of researchers, policy experts/advocates, and consumers and providers of housing services.  Plenary sessions on a range of topics over two days provided an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge, experience and perspective regarding the social determinants of HIV prevention and care, among participants from different disciplines, different parts of the country, and different socioeconomic perspectives.  Participants examined empirical data on the relation of housing, HIV, and community health; discussed the policy implications of research findings; and worked collaboratively on the development of collective strategies for ensuring a sound, data-driven public health response to the housing needs of persons living with HIV and at heightened risk of infection.

NAHC Board Member Gina Quattrochi of
New York City presents on using research
to change the AIDS care paradigm.

Schedule and Agenda

The Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit was an intensive, interactive event beginning on Friday, October 20th, at 10 am, to allow for travel that morning, and ending at 4 pm on October 21st to allow return travel that evening.  The meeting consisted entirely of plenary sessions.

Each daytime plenary session included:

  • Presentations of relevant research findings;

  • Followed by comments from a panel of discussants that will include other researchers, policy experts, providers and consumers who have reviewed the research in advance; and

  • Concluding with a structured discussion of policy implications and advocacy action strategies.

Goals and Outcomes:

  • Provide a regular forum for the exchange of research findings and public policy strategies on topics related to housing and HIV prevention and care.

  • Develop collective strategies for best using research findings to advance the cause of homeless people living with AIDS and HIV or at risk of HIV infection.

  • Produce an annual synthesis paper summarizing research findings (for use in advocacy).

  • Produce an updated 2006 Summit Briefing Book, a collection of summit presentations and relevant articles, policy documents, and bibliographies.

 Click here to view the Summit Agenda (also available in PDF)


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Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Commissioner of the Baltimore City Health Department, speaks to participants on Friday evening.

One-hundred and sixty participants came from as far away as Honolulu and Ontario to participate in the two-day event.


Download Summit Materials & Products

Materials from the event:

Resulting Products:

  • Download the Summit II Policy Paper!  This ten-page paper summarizes new findings presented at Summit II, framed in terms of three research and practice action strategies:
    • Action strategy one: Shift the HIV risk paradigm away from a focus on individual behaviors only, to a focus on risky contexts such as homelessness and unstable housing.

    • Action strategy two: Promote evidence-based structural interventions that incorporate housing as a key component of HIV prevention and health care, including “housing first” harm reduction housing approaches for active drug users; and

    • Action strategy three: Employ practice-based research methodologies to continue to deepen our understanding of the link between housing and health, including cost-saving and cost-effectiveness analyses of housing interventions.

  • View a one-pager on preliminary results from Summit II. 

Check back soon for more resulting products from Research Summit II.  In the meantime, please be sure to check out some of the products from Summit I.


Research Summit Partners

The National Housing HIV/AIDS Research Summit series is convened by the National AIDS Housing Coalition, Inc. (NAHC), a 501(c)(3) organization formed in 1994 to assert the fundamental right of all persons living with HIV/AIDS to decent, safe, affordable housing and supportive services that are responsive and appropriate to their self-determined needs.

NAHC conducted the second Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit in collaboration with Dr. David Holtgrave and the Department of Health, Behavior and Society of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, which was established in the summer of 2005 with a mission dedicated to research and training that advances scientific understanding of the impact on health of behavior and the societal context.

Leading researchers and policy experts in the fields of housing and health worked with NAHC and Johns Hopkins to convene the Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit; co-conveners include Dr. Angela Aidala of the Center for Applied Public Health at Columbia University and the Department of Sociomedical Sciences, Dr. Dennis Culhane of the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work, and member organizations of the Visioning Committee of the NAHC Board of Directors.

The National AIDS Housing Coalition has engaged Hilary Botein and Ginny Shubert from Shubert Botein Policy Associates (SBPA) to help plan, coordinate, and document the second Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit. 

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NAHC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the following organizations and individuals: 

$20,000 +
National Institutes of Health, Office of AIDS Research

 $5,000 – $19,999
Corporation for Supportive Housing
Housing Works, Inc.

AIDS Action Foundation
The AIDS Institute
Harlem United
National Alliance to End Homelessness

 $1,000 – $4,999
AIDS Foundation of Chicago
Bailey House, Inc.
AIDS Services of Dallas

$1 – $999
AIDS Housing of Washington
Del Norte Neighborhood Development Corporation
National Association of People With AIDS
National Minority AIDS Council
Columbus AIDS Task Force
Ms. Lynne M. Cooper
Ms. Cassandra Ackerman

Thank you to the following researchers who have donated so much of their time and intellectual passion to the Research Summit series:

David Holtgrave, PhD, Chair, Department of Health, Behavior and Society
Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health

Angela Aidala, PhD,
Research Scientist, Department of Sociomedical Sciences
Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health

Dennis Culhane, PhD, Professor, School of Social Policy and Practice
University of Pennsylvania


Other news in Research:


AIDS & Behavior to Publish Special Supplement on Housing and HIV/AIDS

NAHC, AIDS & Behavior, and several researchers in the fields of housing, homelessness, and HIV/AIDS are working together to produce a special supplement of the journal that will focus on the connection between housing and HIV/AIDS.  We are extremely excited about this opportunity to learn more about the connection between housing status and individual and community health.

The journal has issued a call for papers for submission into the special issue; submissions were due by August 1st.  Please click here to view the call for papers for more information.




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